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A platform aiming to educate & inform on everything from lowering waste, how to lead a more eco lifestyle as well as opinion pieces on the ever changing face of the climate crisis.

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The Low Waste Weekly has been born out of a want for an open space which speaks interestingly & honestly about Sustainability. I hope you enjoy reading it (as much as I do creating it!) – Lisa, Founder & Creator.


Volume 2 . Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet. “The way best to describe this book would be that it is more than just your run-of-the-mill sustainable cookback. What author Hunt brings is a comprehensive guide to the large-scale issue of our planets food chain, from land to plate”

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Volume 3.. How to go Waste-Free by Caroline Jones. “With ‘How to Go Waste Free (Eco Tips for Busy People)’ I found this an incredibly handy guide in providing helpful advice to alter everyday habits.”

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Feature of the Week.

Greenwashing: Spotting the Signs & Shifting Against the Trend.

“Put simply it is when a brand markets a product /themselves as Sustainable. for marketing purposes only. None of their practices are sustainable, they make no attempt to actually be sustainable, they are simply latching on to a trend in an aim to drive sales”

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Low Waste Skincare: UpCircle Face Moisturiser.

“‘Any brand who actively improve an industry and move it towards waste-cutting, sustainable solutions, I’m here for, so three cheers for UpCirlce I say.”

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What It Means to Say ‘Environmentalists For Black Lives Matter

“Having read into numerous articles over the past few weeks on the topic, it’s clear to see there is a connection between both the climate crisis and racism. They are both societal problems that affect the population, with the climate crisis disproportionately affecting people of colour”

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How Plastic-Free July Went & Final Thoughts.

“being completely plastic-free is near impossible in the world we’re in today, but what I found great about this was the organisation who created the campaign, acknowledge that too. Meaning, you are given pointers of how to swap a plastic item for an alternative, whilst explaining other areas may not be as easy… ”

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So here’s to plastic-free August, September, October…”

Fast Fashions Dirty Problem

“Fast fashion in recent years as grown an incredibly bad reputation but seemingly, is thriving more than ever; an incredibly contradicting statement yet so very close to the truth. The dividing opinions and attitudes towards fast fashion, whether this a love, loath or a guilty pleasure has been the topic of intense scrutiny the past weeks, with fashion giants unveiling slave labour and unsafe conditions for its workers, right here in the UK” Read More

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